Group Management


Christina Rubenhag

Born: 1971

Christina Rubenhag, Acting CEO and Group President, started her employment at Boule 2017.

Other assignments: –

Education: Bachelor of Science from the Umeå School of Business and Economics

Shareholding in Boule: 2.000 shares.

Warrants in Boule: 9000 warrants.

Stock options: 0.

Kiarash Farr

Kiarash Farr, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, he started his employment at Boule Medical AB on March 1, 2018.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden and Management from INSEAD, Fontainebleau France

Shareholding in Boule: 0 shares.

Warrants in Boule: 0 warrants.

Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott, Senior Vice President R&D OEM at CDS, has been employed in the subsidiary CDS since 2000.

Education: Michael Elliott has a Master of Science from Queens University in Belfast and an Executive MBA from Florida Atlantic University.

Shareholding in Boule: 84.000 shares.

Warrants in Boule: 0 warrants.

Debbie Herrera

Debbie Herrera, Senior Vice President of Quality & Regulatory, has been employed since early 2017.

Education: Master of Science Organization and Management, Capella University, Bachelor of Science, Microbiology, Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University

Shareholding in Boule: 0 shares.

Stock options: 0.

Fredrik Ekdahl

Fredrik Ekdahl, Senior Vice President R&D, has been employed since 2012.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Technology of Linköping University.

Shareholding in Boule: 12.000 shares.

Stock options: 0.

Bob Ariano

Bob Ariano, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for US, has been employed at the subsidiary CDS since February 2013.

Education: Northern Illinois University

Shareholding in Boule: 0 shares.

Stock options: 0.

Eva Ekermann

Eva Ekermann, Human Resources Director, has been employed at Boule since January 1, 2013.

Education: Certified Personal Scientist – HR Manager Education, FEI Business Economics Institute, Stockholm.

Shareholding in Boule: 520 shares.

Stock options: 0.

Eduardo Pagani

Eduardo Pagani, Vice President of Manufacturing, has been employed since August 2015.

Education: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Maua Institute of Technology in Brazil and Masters of Science in  Manufacturing Management from Kettering University in the USA.

Shareholding in Boule: 0 shares.

Stock options: 0.

Mikael Ekholm

Mikael Ekholm, Senior Vice President Instrument Production, has been employed since February 2020.

Education: M.Sc Mechanical Engineering – KTH, Stockholm

Shareholding in Boule: 0 shares.

Stock options: 0.