Supporting healthcare professionals in management of COVID-19 infections

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak puts great pressure on healthcare systems worldwide. Large populations needs to be screened to distinguish virus infected patients from healthy. Identified cases require frequent monitoring of disease progression and treatment efficacy. The large number of cases can lead to resource constraints that might put healthcare professionals at risk.

To confirm cases, methods capable of specific detection of SARS-CoV-2 are used. Additionally, reports from China indicate that lymphocytes, that is, the white blood cells that are important for control of virus infections, can be affected in early stages of COVID-19 infection, and that the number of lymphocytes correlates with disease progression. It is therefore recommended to include a blood cell count in laboratory examinations for monitoring of infection.

Boule automated blood cell counters are trusted for their high accuracy, robustness, and reliability by healthcare professionals all around the world. Furthermore, the Swelab Alfa Plus Cap and Medonic M32C analyzers are equipped with functionality that help secure operator safety when handling infectious samples. To support healthcare professionals in management of COVID-19 infection, we are committed to ensure a continuous supply of our cell count products.

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Hematology is in our blood

Boule Diagnostics AB is a company with a strong heritage when it comes to hematology diagnostics. We developed the very first European blood cell counter, and today our instruments, reagents, calibrators and controls are used by healthcare providers around the world. Boule’s products are currently on sale in more than 100 countries.

Our blood tests help provide one of the first and most important indicators of a disease state and Boule systems play an increasingly important role in helping build the infrastructure of healthcare for small and medium size patient care environments in both human and veterinary markets.

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Erik Penser Banks Bolagsdag

Boule’s CEO Jesper Söderqvist presents at Erik Penser Banks Bolagsdag 25 november 2020 (Swedish)

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